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The office deals with all aspects of Family and Inheritance Law.

Drafting financial agreements between spouses, and handling the negotiation for their conclusion; Drafting divorce agreements, in consent or as result of court proceedings.

Filing and representation in all relevant claims to Family Courts all over the country: Divorce and maintenance, guardianship and custody of minors; Property settlements; dissolution of partnership; Declaratory relief; Claims for disclosures and information; All interim proceedings with connection to the above, as well as contact with the supporting units, welfare officials and the police.

The office handles matters under the jurisdiction of Family Courts such as marriage age; names; legal competency; age affirmation; Inheritance Law; rights of reputed spouses; community property; adoption; prevention of violence in the family; death declarations; fetus bearing agreements; father claims, and more.

The office also attends urgent request for protection and harassment prevention injunctions filed to the pertinent family or First Instance Courts.

In the Rabbinical Courts, the office handles divorce claims and issues attached to them within the court's jurisdiction, matrimonial reconciliation claims, and consented divorce procedures.

These issues are dealt in the other religious courts, mainly procedures of dissolvent of marriage between couples of different faiths or absent of religion.

In the framework of Inheritance law, the division offers services in drafting testaments, application for inheritance and confirmation of will orders at the Inheritance Registrar Office and the Rabbinical Courts, as well as all legal proceedings involved such as objections, estate administration etc'.

Naturally, that in case of disputes, mediation is always offered as an alternative method to resolve conflicts, instead of bringing them to the courts and tribunals. The training and experience of the advocates of the office as mediators, enables an overall and comprehensive solution to all the legal aspects of the abovementioned.

Within the framework of Civil law and Litigation in every instance in Israel, the office handles among others: 

Legal business consulting; Drafting and reviewing contracts of various sorts such as: Marketing and distribution, exclusivity, service providing, sale contracts, corporate founders agreements, shares agreements, partnership foundation and liquidation, supplier and client contracts, confidentiality agreement, employment, arbitration, loan agreements and more.

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